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At Denmon & Denmon, our attorneys work vigorously to to deliver results in the most efficient manner possible. Here, you will develop a better understanding of what your case will entail and you will find the information you need to feel confident moving forward. Please feel free to call today for a free consultation.


At Denmon & Denmon, our attorneys work vigorously to to deliver results in the most efficient manner possible. Here, you will develop a better understanding of what your case will entail and you will find the information you need to feel confident moving forward

Speed Emphasis

People don't hire lawyers for fun. You want your legal process to go as quick as possible before delivering you to the next phase of your life. That is why we track the time it takes us to turnaround your case. Because the quicker we move this along, the better.

Settlement First Philosophy

We know the importance of using the shield in Court. That's why all of our attorneys are trial lawyers. But we also know that the best results are ones that come from settlement first. We also seek the settlement path before engaging in litigation.

Price Certainty

What's this going to cost? Most lawyers will tell you that they have no idea. We offer

Trial When Needed

Sometimes we need to turn to the Judge to get the best results possible. With hundreds of Jury trials under our collective belts we got this covered.

Direct Communication with a Lawyer

When you have a legal question, you need to speak to someone who can give you legal advise. That's why our communication is always lawyer to client.

We help individuals with courtroom problems. We have teams that help with divorce and family law, personal injury and car accidents, criminal defense and estate planning.


Hear horror stories about scorched earth divorce cases? We have built a process aimed at negotiating quality settlements that minimize conflict and total cost. Our divorce team handles all child custody, alimony, asset distribution and support matters.

Car Accidents & Personal Injury Injury

Injured because of someone else's negligence? We have former insurance defense lawyers with the experience to leverage exceptional settlements for car accident injury victims, and those injured from falling in businesses or in the workplace.

Criminal Defense

With four former state attorneys in our firm we know the system from the inside out. We recognize that thoroughly working up a criminal case from the beginning leads to the best results time and time again. We emphasize DUI Defense and Drug Crime Defense.

Estate Planning

We pride ourselves on not only solving your immediate problems but also setting them up for success in the future. And that's how our estate planning practice was born. We offer fixed rate estate planning services with an average turn around time of less than 72 hours.

Christian Denmon
Christian Denmon
Nicole Denmon
Nicole Denmon
Nicole coppock
Nicole coppock
Paul Knudsen
Paul Knudsen
Klarika Caplano
Klarika Caplano

I was a misunderstood mother in fear of my life. I feared and dreaded dealing with my legal situation in court because my safety was in danger. Strangely enough, I initially did not receive the protection and remedy I so desperately needed from our legal system. Upon retaining the legal services of Paul J. Knudsen, Esq., the difficult situation I had been dealing with took a sharp turn. He went beyond the call of duty and proved through his work with my case that he always puts his clients first. He worked diligently, insuring he had every ounce of evidence needed to demonstrate my case. Because of his work ethics and passion to right a wrong, my life is now back to normal. He is not your average attorney, he is extraordinary. His fees are more than reasonable. Through my experience, he works for the pure passion of helping others, and he won't rest until the job is done to his satisfaction. Less

(Former Client)

It is extremely rare that I write reviews. However, after my conversation with Christian this morning – I felt the need to share my experience, as I know others are in very similar circumstances. I initially spoke with Christian regarding representation for child custody with moving to a different state. Circumstances changed, and I decided to stay in Florida. I explained my current situation of being unemployed, but seeking employment and the costs of retaining his services to seek child support. He actively listened to all my concerns. He gave great advice to save me money on retaining an attorney. I have never met an attorney that was genuinely caring of my family's best interest financially. He advised the turnaround with a private attorney would be relatively close to what the DOR could do for me regarding my specific circumstance. I have saved his number in my phone for future reference and will recommend him to everyone I know needing services.

(Former Divorce Client)

I met with Christian Denmon when seeking a professional advise to my divorce settlement with my ex-wife and Christian listened to me extremely well, then helped me to revised the papers to fit how I wanted it. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and real-life knowledge. Very pleased and would recommend Christian Matthew Denmon.

(Former Family Law Client)

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