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Aggressive Criminal Defense

You've worked so hard, and in a flash everything is in jeopardy. Our Tampa criminal attorneys understand. Our goal is to minimize the impact your arrest has on your life, and to get you out of the woods. We handle an array of serious criminal matters, including drug crimes, DUI, Battery, Robbery, and Murder.

Guide to Criminal Proceedings

Knowing what to expect from your criminal case is one of the most important parts of understanding what your attorney can do to help. It pays to be informed. Plea-bargains In Your Criminal Case It’s estimated that 97 percent of cases end in a plea instead of going to trial.  However, it is important to […]

Dui Defense Tampa Bay

Arrested for DUI? Start Here

Arrested for DUI and don’t know where to turn? Our Tampa Bay DUI Attorneys have been representing Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, and Small Businessmen for almost decade. Read this guide to get started. Read more

Sealing Criminal Records in Florida

Sealing Your Criminal Records in Florida

If your past is haunting you, a criminal sealment attorney can help. In the internet age, everyone’s criminal history is only a click away. Luckily, the State of Florida gives you and your Tampa expungement attorney the ability to seal and expunge your record in certain cases, effectively ordering law enforcement to hide (or destroy) […]

hidden dui penalties

The Unspoken Penalties of a DUI Conviction

Along with Court and administrative sanctions following a Drunk driving conviction, there are unspoken penalties that can affect you for years to come. Commonly, people facing DUI charges will “plea” to their case without understanding the additional ramifications that the charge may carry. These ramifications are not addressed in the plea terms. Unfortunately, the law does […]