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You've worked so hard, and in a flash everything is in jeopardy. Our Tampa criminal attorneys understand. Our goal is to minimize the impact your arrest has on your life, and to get you out of the woods. We handle an array of serious criminal matters, including drug crimes, DUI, Battery, Robbery, and Murder.

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You Are Facing Charges. How You Respond Is Everything

The reality is that the Police Officer who arrested you believes everyone he arrests is guilty. The State Attorney who is prosecuting you wants to punish you hard so that he can be seen as "tough on crime" during the next election cycle. And the state of Florida limits the power of the Judge in how he sentences you and for what.

In the internet age, there are no secrets. Your social status and job are on the line. Not to mention your freedom.

How you respond to your criminal arrest is important. You can either let the system coax you into a criminal record, or you can fight. Starting now.

Learn the Law and How It Applies to You

To fight, begin by understanding the law and how it applies in your case.

If you were arrested for DUI, then started get a handle on the nature of the crime, and the defenses your criminal dui attorney can use. Understand the penalties for being found guilty of the crime, and determine what resolution might be acceptable. Determine what winning your case means to you.

Find a Criminal Lawyer in Tampa Bay That Fights For You

You only get one person in your corner in a criminal case. Your criminal attorney needs to be tough and experienced in the Courtroom. Your lawyer will be going against the police, the prosecutors, and in many cases, public perception.

Yet, shamefully, most criminal lawyers are weak and unwilling to fight each case aggressively and thoroughly. These lawyers will talk relatively small fees for a case and handle a batch of cases in bulk. Like a traffic ticket attorney, these criminal lawyers smile at the prosecutor, through the majority of their clients under the bus, all in the hopes of getting a handful of "ok" deals for their clients without having to do any work.

It's terrible, and it hurts all of us when those lawyers lay up on a case and give in to the State.

But an attorney that is in it to win it can make all the difference. An attorney that treats every single client as if their case is life and death will get better results, both in the courtroom and in settlement, every time.



Our Team of Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are Trial Lawyers. That means we know the Courtroom. Our lawyers have been recognized for excellence in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Courtrooms. And excellence in the Courtroom leads to successful resolutions outside of the courtroom.

We have 3 lawyers recognized as "Top 100" Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers by NTLA Our firm is rated "Preeminent" by Martindale Hubbell. And three of our attorneys have received the highest rating on AVVO, an independent third party review site

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