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We have seen first hand the damages from A Doctor's negligence. Our St. Petersburg Medical Malpractice Attorneys believe in accountability for the medical profession.
-Nicole Denmon, Founding Partner

St. Petersburg Medical Malpractice Attorneys That UnderstandFighting Hospitals and Their Insurance Companies.

Our estate planning team knows East and West Pasco Courts.

With four former Pinellas/Pasco Prosecutors we know the criminal courthouse and prosecution tactics inside out. And knowing how the other side is going to proceed with your case is a tactical advantage when we prepare your defense.

We understand that Pasco county cases move slow and the prosecutors want heavy punishments that don’t often fit the crime.  But from our perspective that is just the starting place. With a proactive approach to building our client’s defense we can change the settlement discussion leading to often significantly better resolutions for our clients.

Most importantly, we understand that litigation in the courtroom leads to better results for you than a passive approach.  By running pretrial motions whenever possible we educate the State and the Judge about the weaknesses in their case and the strength of ours.  Ironically it is the hard work in the Courtroom that leads to better deals in the negotiating room.

And when we need to go to trial? No problem. Our criminal defense team in New Port Richey has more than 150 combined Jury trials in the Pinellas/Pasco Courtrooms.

How We Get Excellent Results: Our MEDICAL MALPRACTICE Process

The Process Makes The Difference

You have been arrested. And you are facing criminal charges in a County (Pasco) that prides itself on being “law and order” and doling out aggressive punishments.  Jail time, or even a conviction and probation, could mean the loss of your livelihood.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you have not been convicted yet. In this Country you are innocent until proven guilty.  And your criminal defense lawyer is armed with a wide array of tools to exonerate you.

The reality is that the State Attorney is at a disadvantage to a quick working take charge criminal defense attorney. The State Attorney has hundreds of cases. He or she may know very little about your case.

On the flip side, you criminal defense team has a fraction of those cases and is able to spend a lot more time working up the case.  Interviewing witnesses. Visiting alleged crime scenes for pictures and videos. Ultimately developing a theory of the case that shows the State Attorney that your case will be an uphill battle for them. The perfect case for the State Attorney to work out a favorable resolution for you.

And that is our plan in every case. We learn from you what your goals are so that we can set a goal in your case that will protect your future. We then get to work right away in building your case (often by dismantling the State’s) so that when we go to the negotiating table or the Courtroom we are sitting with the best hand of cards that we can. And we get results.

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Nicole was attentive, regularly checking up on me and m case. When I was pulled over for a DUI I thought that things were going to go from bad to worse. But Nicole was my confidant, my attorney, and much more as she helped me navigate the process to a successful and happy conclusion. Thanks!


"A DUI Expert" -Former Client of Nicole D.

Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle in St. Petersburg


From First time DUI Arrests to Felony Manslaughter Cases, We Can Help.


From Drug Possession to Trafficking, and from Marijuana to Cocaine, we have handled every type of drug charge for our criminal clients.


Simple Battery, Assault, and Domestic Related Violence Charges.


We handle out of state arrest warrants and in state Violation of Probation.

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