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We believe that the right divorce process makes all the difference. Sure some cases require court intervention at the beginning. Think emergency matters, such as domestic violence, an impaired parent, or a spouse putting a financial stranglehold on another. And we have a proactive litigation process specific for these cases.

But most divorce cases are transnational. It's about untangling financial matters. Setting people on a path to economic security and flexibility as they enter new lives. Minimizing conflict between parents when doing so so that co-parenting remains high divorce fees and costs remain manageable. And we have a collaborative approach away from the Courtroom specific for these divorce cases.


3 lawyers in our St. Petersburg FL law office have been awarded perfect ratings


Our partners have both been recognized by Super Lawyers as "Rising Stars" a recognition only awarded to 2.5% of all attorneys.


A Measure of effectiveness is the ability to settle cases without going to Court. We resolve more than 90 percent of our cases short of trial.


We believe that the right divorce lawyer really makes all the difference. When we sit down at our initial divorce planning consultation we are outlining a settlement path first when possible. If not, we immediately outline how to litigate in a smart and effective way. And in all cases, we are transparent with you so you know what this will cost you.

We know that the longer the process takes, the more expensive it will be and the longer before you can move forward with your life. That's why our Pinellas team focuses on speed, setting an alternative dispute resolution date at the very first meeting!


Transparent Fees : If you can put a price tag on a jet, we can estimate the cost for each phase of litigation in an hourly billing model. We even offer fixed fees for each divorce phase segment for those who value price certainty in their divorce.

Settlement First Philosophy : Except for emergency situations, trial and litigation should only take place after using the settlement philosophy.

Price Certainty : What's this going to cost? Most lawyers will tell you that they have no idea. We offer

Trial When Needed : When you need a lawyer who can handle themselves in the Courtroom you got one. While we are strong believers in the settlement first methodology we are even stronger believers that a divorce lawyer needs trial skills in the courtroom. As a result, we only allow lawyers with litigation backgrounds work for us. All of our attorneys in Tampa Bay state their careers as State Attorneys in Pinellas Counties, litigating cases in front of Juries and Judges. This experience is invaluable in divorce court, whether in the St. Pete Courthouse at 501 1st Avenue or the Clearwater Courthouse downtown.

Direct Communication with a Lawyer : Worried about having to go through a line of defense to get to your lawyer? Not in our firm. You'll have the direct number for your Pinellas Divorce attorney from the moment you retain our firm. And you can email, text, or slack your divorce lawyer if that makes your more comfortable.


Out St. Petersburg divorce team handles everything from simplified divorce to high real estate and complex financial divorce.

Divorce : The heart of our Pinellas practice is divorce. Also called a dissolution of marriage, this process involves terminating a marriage but also resolving child and financial issues for the family afterward.

Child Custody : Pinellas County courts are known for being conservative in the handling of custody cases. A Judge in Pinellas is likely to define a parent (often the mother) as a majority parent and awarding unequal timesharing.

High Conflict Divorce : High-conflict divorce has the potential to devastate families, especially children. We need to move high conflict cases in a direction that minimizes the impact on the children after the divorce is complete.

Small Business : Small business divorce has large issues to resolve. These include appropriate determination of income of the business owner, valuation of the business, and how to handle a business with two or more owners after a divorce is finalized.

Alimony : In the Clearwater and Saint Petersburg Florida courthouses, spousal support is called alimony. Alimony is a monthly transfer of money from a spouse with more income to a spouse with less income for a set period of time after a divorce is finalized.

Military: Many military members from MacDill make life over the Gandy or Howard Franklin Bridge in Pinellas County. We help resolve complex military issues including pension division, SBP, and child support determination.

How We Handle Cases in St. Pete and Clearwater Courses

Want to know more about our divorce team actually takes you in the divorce process from beginning to end? We have put together a downloadable book on the divorce process written from the perspective of our team members. Read the book at your convenience and come away with an understanding of the different types of divorce process that can be used in your Pinellas County case.

Christian Denmon
Paul Knudsen

I was a misunderstood mother in fear of my life. I feared and dreaded dealing with my legal situation in court because my safety was in danger. Strangely enough, I initially did not receive the protection and remedy I so desperately needed from our legal system. Upon retaining the legal services of Paul J. Knudsen, Esq., the difficult situation I had been dealing with took a sharp turn. He went beyond the call of duty and proved through his work with my case that he always puts his clients first. He worked diligently, ensuring he had every ounce of evidence needed to demonstrate my case. Because of his work ethics and passion to right a wrong, my life is now back to normal. He is not your average attorney, he is extraordinary. His fees are more than reasonable. Through my experience, he works for the pure passion of helping others, and he won't rest until the legal service is done to his satisfaction. Less

(Former Client)

It is extremely rare that I write reviews. However, after my conversation with Christian this morning – I felt the need to share my experience, as I know others are in very similar circumstances. I initially spoke with Christian regarding representation for child custody with moving to a different state. Circumstances changed, and I decided to stay in Florida. I explained my current situation of being unemployed but seeking employment and the costs of retaining his services to seek child support. He actively listened to all my concerns. He gave great advice to save me money on retaining an attorney. I have never met an attorney that was genuinely caring of my family's best interest financially. He advised the turnaround with a private attorney would be relatively close to what the DOR could do for me regarding my specific circumstance. I have saved his number in my phone for future reference and will recommend him to everyone I know needing services.

(Former Divorce Client)

I met with Christian Denmon when seeking a professional advice to my divorce settlement with my ex-wife and Christian listened to me extremely well, then helped me to revised the papers to fit how I wanted it. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and real-life knowledge. Very pleased and would recommend Christian Matthew Denmon.

(Former Family Law Client)
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