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Drinking and driving is a serious crime. Often time, the drunk driver pays minor penalties, compared to the victim who often suffers severe injury, paralysis, or even death. For the victims and their families, life is rapidly interrupted with tragic consequences.  Medical costs are astronomical and life post-accident is never the same.



1st Steps After a DUI Arrest

You don’t want to be searching for a St. Petersburg DUI Lawyer, but here you are.

Getting pulled over was scary.  Spending the night in jail scarier still.

But what now?
You were releases with some yellow paperwork. Maybe you have a Court date on the paperwork. Maybe you don’t.  But you sure have questions:

  • “Is Jail a Possibility?”
  • “Should I Have Blown Into the Machine?”
  • “Should I Tell My Boss?”
  • “What Happens Next?”

As uncertain and scary as this as feels, there is a process  that you can follow that will help you get through your DUI arrest in one piece. A process that will help minimize costs and maximize your chances of a successful result in Court.

It is a process that we have put together in a downloadable guide for you.  Simply download a copy, print it out, and read it at your own convenience.

We are confident that is will help answer your questions and give you a plan going forward.


DUI Penalties in Tampa Bay Are Some of the Toughest in the Country

Florida requires harsh punishments for those arrest and convicted of Driving Under the Influence.

Some penalties can go into effect even without a conviction of a criminal charge.

For example, if you are arrested for driving under the influence and you either refused to blow into the breath test machine or blow into the machine and get a result that is higher than a .08 the State will administratively suspend your drivers license. You have ten days from the dateof your arrest to request a formal review hearing to contest the suspension (a suspension that can stay on your record for seventy-five years!).

Once you hurdle the drivers license suspension you have to address the more serious penalties associated with the criminal charge of driving under the influence.

And even if it is a first time arrest and you injured nobody, the Judge is still required to a minimum sentence of twelve months of probation, DUI school, substance abuse evaluations, treatement, heavy fines, additional license suspensions and more.

And of course this is just the minimum. A first time DUI can be punished by up to 180 days in jail. And a second DUI within five years of a previous DUI conviction requires a mninimum of 10 days in jail with a maximum of a year.

Because DUI penalties are so extreme DUI Lawyers in St. Petersburg and elsewhere in Tampa Bay look try to win cases with motion practice or trials or try to get DUI cases reduced to other, less serious charges.


That's Why We The Goal for a St. Petersburg DUI Lawyer is to Reduce, Change, or Dismiss Charges.

If a DUI charge has penalties that we can’t legally get around, then we simply need to get around the DUI charge itself!

Getting around the DUI charge can include

  1. Getting the DUI dismissed;
  2. Getting the DUI reduced to another charge (like reckless driving);
  3. Winning in Court.

This is why a highly requests DUI resolutionis for your St. Petersburg DUI lawyer to convince the State Attorney to reduce the DUI to reckless driving.


Why DUI Attorney Trial Experience Matters Even When The Last Thing You Want Is Trial

Unfortunately, getting a DUI dismissed or reduced is rarely as simple as asking and recieving.

Pinellas County prosecutors don’t want to reduce or dismiss charges. So we have to earn it.

The way we earn it is in the courtroom. That means:

  1. Filing Motions to Suppress evidence the State wants to use.
  2. Filing Motions to Dismiss charges.
  3. Filing Motions in Limine to block out additional evidence (like videotapes and breath test results), and
  4. Going to Trial when needed.

Of course nobody ever wants to go to a DUI trial.  But sometimes we need to litigate a case in order to get the right result.

Our St. Pete DUI Attorneys have an incredible amount of trial experience. We hire former prosecutors from the 6th Judicial Circuit (Pinellas and Pasco counties) who have experience running trials and motions.

We have been recognized for our trial experience. Three of our lawyers have been named to the “Top 100” Trial Lawyers in the State of Florida for Criminal Defense, and two of our lawyers have been reocgnized as “Top 40 Under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

That means we get results in the Courtroom.

And a nice side effect of being effective in the Courtroom? We get better results when negotiating for our clients because the State Attorney knows we will g to Court when needed.

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