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We only have personal injury ATTORNEYS that work in our St. Petersburg, Florida Office handle injury cases. Not paralegals.-Christian Denmon

Injuries sustained in an accident, whether from a car wreck, slip and fall, medical procedure, or work place injury can result in life altering damage. When another person or business is responsible for the injuries, we say that person is legally liable. Legal liability is established when another party's carelessness results in an accident that should have been avoided.

If legal liability is established, then we need to turn our attention to the damages. Simply put this is putting a money value to your injuries. Certain economic damages like how much you had to spend on medical bills or lost wages can be easy to identify. But other damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress can be more difficult to establish a hard number for. Generally speaking though, if you have economic damages in the form of medical bills and you can establish legal liability, then you have a case provided the defendant can pay or has insurance.

If possible get pictures while on the scene of your injury. Use your smart phone to take photos of the location of the accident, damages to vehicles or yourself. Gather the names of witnesses as well, and keep an eye out for any cameras that may show footage of what happened.

If you have been injured you need to seek treatment for your injuries first. If needed, seek emergency care first. St. Petersburg has six hospitals within the city limit with emergency rooms, and countless walk-in clinics. You most important job in your case will be to focus on getting better.

We believe that by providing valuable information to the public we will have more informed clients and better results. Follow the link below to research and value your case.

Injury Victims Help CenterClick here to research and value your case Injury Lawyer Information Center Click here to view sample lawsuits, trial transcripts and more

Our St. Petersburg Personal Injury Law Firm

By actively building a case from the very first day our client walks into our office we can increase the final value by 2-3X or more. -Christian Denmon

To build your case and secure the best settlement we:

Gather Evidence: Our job is to tell your story to the insurance company adjuster and lawyer. The best way to tell your story is to have significant evidence gathered to back it up. In an personal injury case that can include pictures, videos, summaries, diagrams, phone and text records, surveillance, black box devices, scene investigations and much more.

Interview Witnesses: Exhaustively interviewing witnesses can lead to statements than can make or break a case. Witnesses include not just eye witnesses (people at the scene), but also treatment providers, your family and friends and more.

Work with Medical Experts: To prove up damages in your Pinellas, Florida personal injury case we will work side by side with medical experts. This can include emergeny room staff, chiropractors and physical therapists, and surgeons.

Negotiate with the Insurance CompaniesOnce your case is built and you have complete most of your medical treatment we are ready to negotiate with the insurance adjusters. Evidence from the insurance companies show that attorneys negotiate settlements that are 400 percent larger than people who try to do so unrepresented. And we work hard to significanly outperform other St. Pete injury lawyers.

Denmon Personal Injury Difference

We are not one of those churn and burn injurylaw firms where you never speak to a lawyer and get low-ball settlements. We are true personal injury trial lawyers. We prepare your case from the first moment as if it was going to trial, which actually increases the percentage of cases that we settle without having to file a lawsuit. We move our cases with speed and urgency as we have found that we get much bigger settlements when we do so.

Recognized for Trial Experience
Every one of our personal injury lawyers in St. Petersburg has extensive experience in the Courtroom. We have an office only two blocks from the Civil Courthouse on 1st Street in Downtown!
No Fees Unless You Win
Nothing up front. Ever. We only get paid if you get paid.
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Down't like our work? Feel free to leave at any time. There is no risk.
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We give you the direct phone number and email of your assigned attorney. Call, text, or email as often as you like.

I was a misunderstood mother in fear of my life. I feared and dreaded dealing with my legal situation in court because my safety was in danger. Strangely enough, I initially did not receive the protection and remedy I so desperately needed from our legal system. Upon retaining the legal services of Paul J. Knudsen, Esq., the difficult situation I had been dealing with took a sharp turn. He went beyond the call of duty and proved through his work with my case that he always puts his clients first. He worked diligently, insuring he had every ounce of evidence needed to demonstrate my case. Because of his work ethics and passion to right a wrong, my life is now back to normal. He is not your average attorney, he is extraordinary. His fees are more than reasonable. Through my experience, he works for the pure passion of helping others, and he won't rest until the job is done to his satisfaction. Less

(Former Client)

It is extremely rare that I write reviews. However, after my conversation with Christian this morning – I felt the need to share my experience, as I know others are in very similar circumstances. I initially spoke with Christian regarding representation for child custody with moving to a different state. Circumstances changed, and I decided to stay in Florida. I explained my current situation of being unemployed, but seeking employment and the costs of retaining his services to seek child support. He actively listened to all my concerns. He gave great advice to save me money on retaining an attorney. I have never met an attorney that was genuinely caring of my family's best interest financially. He advised the turnaround with a private attorney would be relatively close to what the DOR could do for me regarding my specific circumstance. I have saved his number in my phone for future reference and will recommend him to everyone I know needing services.

(Former Divorce Client)

I met with Christian Denmon when seeking a professional advise to my divorce settlement with my ex-wife and Christian listened to me extremely well, then helped me to revised the papers to fit how I wanted it. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and real-life knowledge. Very pleased and would recommend Christian Matthew Denmon.

(Former Family Law Client)

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