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Financial Security. Thriving Children. Minimized Conflict. We can do this.

You Deserve Peace of Mind in Your Divorce. Our Tampa Divorce Team Can Help.

We believe that are job is to help you find peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic process while setting you on the path to future success.  Our process does precisely that.


Hear horror stories of the 18 month divorce? Rather be well into your new life by then? We believe that a quicker divorce process is a healthier divorce process. We focus on moving your case along from step to step to get you to the next stage of life as quickly as possible.


We can provided Fixed Fee quotes for our divorce cases.  If you prefer to go with a more traditional retainer model with hourly billing we can help estimate the cost in advance.


Paralegals are nice to assist, but you should be discussing legal strategy directly with your divorce attorney.  Call or text our lawyers on their direct line.


We know you put a lot of trust in our divorce team.  That’s why we guarantee our service from the beginning.


Unneeded litigation wastes money and promotes conflict.  Our divorce approach process sets your case on a settlement path from the very beginning. We use targeted litigation when needed, and only go into full blown trial when it is a last resort.


Even with a settlement mindset, some cases must be resolved by a Judge.  Our lawyers all have extensive trial experience, with hundreds of combined trials in our team.



“So, loved it is a little strong to describe a divorce experience but Chris and Nicole were great! They always responded to my inquiries and kept me informed with the progress of my case.”

– Russell S.


“I have only great things to say about Christian and his team. They were always available and ready to answer my questions. Awesome team of attorneys!”

– Barbara B.


What should you expect as you go through the divorce process?

We have put together a downloadable guide that will show you the exact framework and processes our Tampa Divorce Attorneys use to get you through the process quickly and with the best possible results.

We use this same framework in all cases in the Tampa Bay area, whether in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties.

We cover how we position your case from the very beginning to increase the chances that you settle your case for a good deal early in the case with a miminal amount of conflict.

We go over the different negotiation models, including mediation, lawyer-led negotiation, and collaborative divorce.

And we show you how we use targeted litigation when needed to resolve disputes standing in the way of a full resolution.

You can download the guide below. Print it out and read it at your convenience.

Types of Divorce Cases We Handle

From high asset divorce to higher conflict child custody, we know exactly how to get you through this process and come out ahead on the other side.


Grey Divorce

Property Division

Military Divorce

Small Business Divorce


Mediation and Settlement

We Handle Cases in Hillsborough County

We are located in South Tampa at the intesection of Henderson Boulevard and Swann Avenue:

Tampa Location
3314 W Henderson Blvd
Ste 100K
Tampa, Florida, 33607

We can meet with our East Hillsborough County Clients by appointment in Plant City if the South Tampa office is too remote.

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Here are our attorneys

Christian Denmon

Managing Partner of the Denmon Divorce team.

Nicole Denmon

Co-founder of Denmon & Denmon, Nicole handles settlement based family law matters.

Paul Knudsen

A Former State Attorney, Paul utilizes his trial experience in all types of family law matters.

Gabriel Munoz-Calene

A Former US Marine, Gabriel handles all divorce cases with an emphasis on military related issues.

Nicole Pearlman

A Former State Attorney, Nicole Pearlman is a highly accomlpished and aggressive child custody litigator.

Andrew Mallory

An accomplished civil litigator, Andrew handles high asset and complex family law matters.


It’s about protecting your children and your financial future and about getting through the difficult time and coming out ahead.

You barely remember how the conversation went, just the awful sensation in the pit of your stomach. You tried to get to sleep, but that was not happening. Everything is going to be different now. There is no going back.

The problem is, you have no idea what is about to happen.

This is bad.

All the little things that bothered you all of a sudden seem fairly trivial now that everything is about to change. This is a disaster. Nothing is happening the way it should. Your life is all of a sudden going to be entirely outside of your control. When the AC breaks, you call the AC repairman, because he knows more than you do about keeping you cool. You call, he fixes, you’re done.

You’re in command and you call the shots. This is no AC repair. You know that you need to talk to a lawyer for the same reason you need an AC repairman, but this isn’t a hot living room in Florida, this is your life, your family, your house, your savings, your future. And you feel powerless, because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

This is your children.

Where they spend the nights. Where they go for Christmas. This is the 401(k) balance that you secretly checked on your phone every day at work, and nurtured from that hard-earned first deposit so many jobs ago. This is the conversation you have to have with your parents and friends where you tell them you’re getting divorced.

How do you move forward when the whole system is so complicated?

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