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Attorneys in civil and injury litigation

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Here to help when You need it most

Attorneys in civil and injury litigation

Get Started: How can we help you
How were you injured?

Tampa Bay’s Top Personal Injury and Family Law Firm

Our job is to turn your legal crisis into an opportunity.

For our injury clients that means more than getting medical bills paid. That means getting the best dollar settlements that may ease their financial burdens. For our divorce clients that means more than taking them through a painful process. That means putting them in a better financial situation than when they walked in the door.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys and divorce attorneys are not paper pushers running settlement mills. We want every client to get the best result. A settlement worth telling friends about. Unlike our competitors, we have a personal injury attorney directly in charge of every case. Attorneys with trial experience willing to push insurance companies to get the best results.

Personal Injury Attorney Services

Medical Malpractice

When somebody dies because of a wrongful act, an act of negligence…

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Car Accidents

She was on her way to work. She had just hopped on to the Interstate 275 on-ramp…

trucking accidents and semi-trucks
Truck Accident & Semi Truck Wrecks

The last thing he wanted was to call a lawyer. But something was taken from him.

tripping accidents
Slip & Fall

If a business invites you to their shop to sell you goods or services…

Divorce Services

divorce attorney service tampa


It’s clear that your most important relationship is now gone. You know…

Military Divorce

Military divorce means the parties will physically separate.  We teach you how to hand

Criminal Justice Attorney and Police Misconduct Services

Criminal Defense

The last thing he wanted was to call an injury lawyer. But something was taken…

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She was on her way to work. She had just hopped on to the Interstate 275 on-ramp…

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Nothing out of your pocket. When we win your case, we will take a piece of the settlement. Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, that would be 33.33%. If we need to file a lawsuit, then the percentage goes up to 40%. However, most injury cases settle prior to filing an injury lawsuit.

Will I have to go to court for my personal injury claim?

Not if you don’t want to.

As we just mentioned, few cases actually go to trial so that you have to go to court.

Even if we do have to go to court, we can still:

  1. Resolve your case at any time before trial, or
  2. In some cases, we can try the case without you present.

The important thing is to not be scared of having to go to court. We can work with you to keep you out of court.

How do I know you guys are good?

Because other Tampa personal injury lawyers have recognized us for our work. We have five lawyers who have been recognized in the National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Under 40” for personal injury litigation in Florida. Martindale Hubbell has rated us as “excellent.”

And our clients know we are good, which is why we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google.

What is the difference between an accident claim and a personal injury lawsuit?

Your case will start out as an accident or an injury claim. That means we contact the insurance company or the person who caused the injury and start a claim. If they don’t cooperate, we will file a personal injury lawsuit. This shows the other party we are serious about getting justice.

However, many lawsuits are settled without going to court. If necessary, we will go to court — and the “big-name” insurance companies know that our lawyers have the experience to win at trial. So, most will avoid going at all costs — especially since juries are being far stricter nowadays against big businesses and individuals who are guilty of wrongdoing.

How do I communicate with my personal injury attorney?

Communication is everything. It’s how we learn your story and are able to tell your story to the insurance company (or to the jury). The more you communicate with us, the better.

As such, we text or call you weekly to check in. You’ll have your personal injury attorney’s direct line. More than that, you will have a text-specific line that enables you to text your entire legal team directly.

So, when you send a text, every team member working on your case will see it ASAP. That makes sure you get an answer and quick.

See What Our Past Clients Have To Say

The night after my accident, after speaking to the insurance companies, I decided to look around for the best top personal injury lawyers in the area, and I came across Denmon Pearlman. I’m very happy with my choice in choosing them. The communication between myself and the firm was easy, very smooth. They very thorough with everything, and as soon as I had a question, they would get back to me right away. I would definitely recommend Denmon Pearlman to pretty much any friend or family member seeking legal advice.

Tampa Car Accident Attorney Review

Denmon Pearlman is my go-to Auto Accident Attorneys in the Tampa Bay area. I have been extremely impressed with not only their range of expertise but also their responsiveness and professional demeanor. It can be traumatic having to deal with an auto accident, however, Denmon Pearlman and their entire staff go out of the way to ensure that you are well taken care of during AND after the fact. This Law Firm deserves well beyond a 10 out of 10-star rating!

Tampa Bay Auto Accident Attorney Review

It feels great knowing that I have a law firm that I can always turn to when I have questions or if I’m ever in any sort of situation or conflict. The fact that family values was something that was a number one priority, for me, and also with them, made things feel very organic, very natural. I would recommend them to anybody, any of my clients, my family, my friends. I got everything I have even been wanting for my family with Denmon Pearlman. Now my family feels complete.

Tampa Divorce Attorney Review

Nicole Pearlman(Coppock) and Christian handled my very tiring divorce case with the aggression it much needed. I’ve recommended them to friends and they have handled their cases with the care as well. I highly recommend the Denmon & Pearlman firm to anyone in need. Thanks again !!!

Tampa Bay Divorce Attorney Review

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