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  • 27Oct

    What To Do after a Car Accident [13 Critical Steps]

    Car accident cases are common but also costly. Our immediate actions or reactions contribute significantly to the outcome of the incident. This guide explains the 13 steps […]

    By Christian Denmon Read More
  • 28Sep

    How to Prevent Child Abuse: The Definitive Guide [2017]

    Preventing child abuse can be difficult, especially since we often feel helpless against widespread abuse. So we created this one-stop guide to promote child abuse prevention by compiling […]

    By Darren Read More
  • 09Sep

    Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Claims: How To Get Paid Fast

    If you are involved in an accident caused by another driver that does not have car insurance, there is a type of personal injury protection designed […]

    By Darren Read More
  • 04Sep

    Personal Injury Law: A Simple Guide To Winning Your Claim [8 Steps]

    Every year approximately 32 million people were treated in an emergency for an accident or injury in the United States.  An antibiotic could cause you to […]

    By Darren Read More
  • 30Aug

    Elements of Negligence: Building a Solid Negligent Claim Case

    When you have been injured through no fault of your own, you may be wondering what remedies you may have. Medical expenses add up quickly. In […]

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  • 28Aug

    Personal Injury Lawyer: How to Find and Choose One Wisely [11 Steps]

    Trying to find an experienced personal injury lawyer for yourself or friends and family can be an exhausting, long, drawn-out task. When you or a loved […]

    By Darren Read More
  • 25Aug

    Pain and Suffering: How To Calculate Your Settlement

    Have you suffered a personal injury? The following is a guide to help you easily figure out how much your case is worth, by using our […]

    By Christian Denmon Read More
  • 05Jul

    What to Do When Pulled Over: 11 Things That Will Remove Stress at Traffic Stops

    You are driving home from work, and then your mind wanders from the day’s event to a certain nostalgic moment. You are so caught up in […]

    By Christian Denmon Read More
  • 04Jul

    How Self Driving Cars Impact Traffic Law Enforcement [Infographic]

    Self-driving cars are expected to become main stream within the next 5 years. Yet, we have little idea how it will impact our daily lives, insurance […]

    By Christian Denmon Read More
  • 22Jun

    Florida Bicycle Laws & Regulations

    When cycling on one of many bicycle paths in the Tampa Bay or even on the roadways, it’s not only important to know bicycle safety but […]

    By Angela Lucas Read More
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