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Home Owner Association Fraud: The Legal Robbery of American Homes

For most home buyers, questions about the “HOA” are limited to the amount of yearly fees due. But over the years the neighborhood HOA has exploded into a multi-billion dollar machine that is ripe for abuse by power hungry board members.

HOA covenants become part of the land, and carry with the home.  And because these are “contracts”, a new homeowner is bound by the agreement even if he or she never signed off on the terms.

A homeowner that finds himself or herself on the wrong end of an angry board may find that the board has the right to fine, penalize, and in some cases, foreclose on his or her home.

Our Home State of Florida leads the nation in the number of HOA’s, making up a whopping 14.2 % of all HOA’s in the United States. Knowing the potential for abuse, our personal injury lawyers put this infographic together to spell out just how much power an HOA has over its homeowners, and exactly what a home-owner can do to fight back against a power hungry board.

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