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Lee Pearlman

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Ms. Coppock is an extremely well educated and savvy attorney. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the laws and specifically military law. She went above and beyond to obtain a positive outcome in my case. Her calm demeanor through my depositions and especially in the courtroom was impressive. This is an attorney who you know loves what she does! I was able to totally sit back and trust her advice and opinions and that was such a comfort to me. On a personal note, I have a lot of medical issues, and Ms. Coppock was always concerned about my well-being and emotional stress. She truly cares about her clients! She endured my emotional ups and downs and throughout this process, she remained positive and assured me to trust her and she would stick by me to the end. That’s exactly what she did! She is an attorney with “Denmon Pearlman Law” in the Tampa Bay and New Port Richey area and she is one of the best attorneys I’ve had the privilege to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking any type of legal services. I can never express my heartfelt gratitude enough to her and the firm of Denmon Pearlman Law!


I had an extremely difficult and involved divorce case that involved many other allegations besides a divorce and visitation. I had had a very stressful fifteen months and seven of which I did not see my three children. Nicole told me not to worry things were going to work out and as each court date came and went it was very apparent that things were shaping up and Nicole got to the bottom of every allegation that was point fourth. Nicole is extremely experienced in many area’s of the law and has worked in different aspects of the system which give her invaluable experience in so many different area’s which were very beneficial to my case. I couldn’t even imagine getting through this with another person and team. I have already recommended Nicole and her team to a business acquaintance of mine which the results were the same; professional, got to the bottom of the case and facts quickly and a positive result from my business acquaintance which he thanks me every week for. Nicole exceeded ever expectation anyone could have during a very difficult time. J. Abatte

- J. Abatte

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Have you sustained injuries from a Bradenton car accident or from medical malpractice in Bradenton? Are you going through a divorce in Bradenton? Have you, or someone you know, been arrested in Bradenton? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to give our Bradenton office a call. Let our team of former prosecutors help you get the justice you deserve. Our Bradenton attorneys have the trial experience you are looking for in an attorney. While most of our cases settle, it's important to have an attorney that knows how to fight in the courtroom. That's why at Denmon Pearlman, we only hire experienced trial lawyers. Our Bradenton lawyers include personal injury attorneys , criminal defense attorneys , divorce and family law attorneys and estate planning attorneys . Our Bradenton office is located in the Bradenton Executive Center on 26th St W. Contact us today.

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