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At its heart burn injury lawyers are a type of personal injury lawyer that represents those who’ve been injured by Burns due to the negligence of another.

Commonly we see people injured because of fire or scalding liquid in situations that would have been preventable.

For example, a landlord or an employer that didn’t keep living or working conditions safe. That could mean a burn that resulted from a fire or scalding that was preventable. Or that could mean a landlord or an employer not providing reasonable fire safety conditions for after a fire occurs.

Types of Burn Injuries

Flame or Fire: the most common type of burn injury we see in our practice our burn injuries directly caused by flame of fire. Approximately 44% of all burn patients admitted in hospitals in Florida are being treated for injuries caused by correct flame or file.

Smoke from the flames can cause lung damage to victims that can lead to respiratory problems and breathing issues.

Scalding: Hot liquid or gas can scald skip. Scalding burns can be caused by heating water to high or heating liquid too high.

For example, coffee that is heated beyond the appropriate serving temperature can cause scalding injuries to a person.

Electrical, Radiation, Friction and Chemical Burns:  Chemical burns are caused by contact with household or industrial chemicals. Radiation burns caused by the sun or tanning booths, sun lamps, x-rays, or radiation therapy. Friction burns caused by contact with a hard surface. For example, road rash from the human body hitting this the road hard.

Common Types of Burn Injury Claims

  • Common claims that burn injury lawyers handle include:
  • Apartment building fires
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Electrical cord fires
  • Truck accidents and tanker explosions
  • Hotel, restaurant, nightclub fires
  • Scalding water burns
  • Locked fire exits or missing fire exits
  • Improper fire detectors or missing fire detectors

Preventable Injuries Lead to Burn Injury Claims

A frequent component of the burn injury claim is that the injuries could have been prevented.

Building owners, businesses, and landlords have a responsibility to keep property in as good a condition as is reasonably possible.

This means making sure that the property is up to code and making sure that basic safety standards are met.

For example, a residential landlord has certain responsibilities regarding fire safety including ensuring that the electrical wiring is in good condition, making sure that smoke alarms are properly installed, making sure that there is a proper sturdy fire escape that’s not blocked, having regularly serviced fire extinguishers in the property, and more.  We discuss it in more detail below:

Smoke detectors and burn injuries

Smoke detectors help notify otherwise unsuspecting tenants and customers that a fire is brewing. Smoke detectors are critical. A properly functioning smoke detector can let tenant know that a problem is happening with plenty of time to vacate the premises and get out safely.

If a smoke detector is missing or not properly functioning than burn injuries can result.

In fact, the National fire protection Association specifies that there should be smoke detectors in every bedroom and one outside of sleeping areas. Smoke detectors should also have battery backup to go along with the hard-wiring to the electrical.

Fire extinguishers and burn injuries

Imagine the situation of seeing a blazing fire in your residential home.  If only there is a fire extinguisher you’d be able to get out. But you go to grab the fire extinguisher and it’s missing or worse its malfunction.

Small businesses and apartments in most cities in the state of Florida are required to keep fire extinguishers. What’s more, the fire extinguishers are required to be checked on a yearly basis to make sure their functioning correctly.

Burn Injuries and Work

Work burn injuries can also result in third-party lawsuits.

While certain workplace injuries may be limited by the workers compensation laws of Florida other cases may result in full injury claims. These can be against the employer and limited circumstances of extreme bad behavior. But more commonly there are complaints against subcontractors or product manufacturers that arise in addition to any workers compensation benefits.  These include fires, workplace explosions, chemical exposures, and construction site accidents.

Bringing the Lawsuit for Your Burn Injuries

Remember that a lawsuit for burn injuries delete negligence lawsuit. That means if a business owner or landlord has failed to provide you a reasonably safe environment you may have a lawsuit.  Landlords can be difficult may put pressure on did not file suit. That’s why it’s imperative that you sit down with the burn injury lawyer to discuss your unique situation to see if you have a claim.

The first step in bringing a lawsuit is to discuss your claim with a burn injury lawyer. At Denmon Pearlman this process begins in our initial consultation. You will sit down with one of our lawyers to go over each aspect of your case and to develop a game plan going forward.

If we take your case and work together there is no money down and nothing comes out of pocket. We utilize only contingency fee agreements in our burn injury cases. That means that we work on the case and we only get paid if you reach a financial settlement for you.

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