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  • Does the lawyer or firm have the financial resources to handle your case and retain the proper experts or do they operate on a shoestring budget?
  • And for men in particular, St. Petersburg and Pinellas County has a strong pro-female bias.  The old way can cripple a men’s ability to get a fair divorce.
  • We don’t play that game. We do things the new way. Strategically pick the best divorce process at the beginning. Educate our client’s on how to make the right decisions during the divorce.  And move lightning fast to get their.

Case Studies

Learn how we solve your problems before

Natalie’s Adoption Case

After getting re-married, Natalie came to us looking for help for her daughter’s adoption to her newly married husband. Our expert Tampa Bay family attorneys were able to help Natalie and her family.

Tim’s Men’s Divorce Case

I got married later in life, and my only hope was … my dream was just to get married and live happily ever after, raise a family and things just didn’t work. And one of the things I learned is not everybody plays by the rules. Sometimes when it comes to family issues and families people will go to any extreme to do anything, whether it’s right or wrong in order to get their way across, and if I didn’t have good legal counsel step in, I would’ve been lost.

Richard’s High Conflict Divorce Case

Richard had a difficult time finding a lawyer he could trust and count on. Most of the attorneys he had come across prior to hiring Denmon Pearlman would not even get back to him. Then he found Denmon Pearlman. Richard was very pleased with the results of his divorce case and he was very impressed with the staff that helped him throughout his case.

St. Petersburg’s Most 5 Star Reviewed Divorce Firm

We have more 5 star reviews than any other St. Petersburg divorce and family law firm. Our clients are satisfied with how we do business.

And we know our way around the courthouse. Christian Denmon is nationally recognized as a Top 40 under 40 Divorce trial lawyer in the State of Florida by the National Trial Lawyers Association.  We are super lawyers and AVVO “superb”.

Our Partners

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Managing Partner and Trial Lawyer

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Partner and Trial Attorney

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Managing Partner and Trial Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if you guys are good?

Because other Tampa personal injury lawyers have recognized us for our work. We have five lawyers who have been recognized in the National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Under 40” for personal injury litigation in Florida. Martindale Hubbell has rated us as “excellent.”

And our clients know we are good, which is why we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google.

What does it cost to hire you guys?

For our injury and motor vehicle wreck cases we work on a contingency fee. That means we get paid a percentage of what we recover for you. No recovery, no pay!

For our family law and criminal defense clients we charge either fixed rates or utilize traditional billing. We need to get to know your story first so we know what services you actually need. Then we can quote you a price.

Can You Make any Guarantees to the Outcome of My Case?

We can guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work when you hire us. That’s why we offer a 2 week no obligation trial period. If after two weeks you want to leave let us know and we will refund any money paid, and get your file organized for your new attorney.

Next Step if I want to hire you guys?

It’s often best to have a consultation with an attorney or paralegal before signing on the dotted line. You want to make sure you have all your questions answered and know what to expect along the way. To set a consultation simply give us a call

I’ve had attorneys who suck with communication. How will your team communicate with me?

We will update you on the progress of your case weekly. Have a question? You’ll get a case-specific text number so you can text your team at your convenience. Want to talk to your lawyer? You’ll get your attorney’s direct phone line

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