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How We Saved Tim $392,810 Dollars While Increasing His Disposable Income After His Divorce: A Tampa Divorce Attorney Case Study

See how our Tampa Divorce Attorneys helped Tim Succeed.

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Tim did not want a divorce.

But his wife did. And when his wife refused counseling for the 10th time, he knew it was time to proceed.

Tim made a good living as an internet sales manager. His wife used to work and make a comparable income. But when Bella was born, she stayed home. And somehow, she never went back to work.

Tim made enough for a single family while putting 15% of his income into a 401K. But two households? His wife made it clear she wanted alimony. Tim was not a finance guy, but it did not take a finance guy to know his wife wanted to take him to the cleaners.

And when Tim’s wife hired a divorce attorney, who sent Tim a settlement offer requesting 10 years of alimony at $5,000 a month, Tim knew he needed help from a Tampa Divorce Attorney. He contacted us.

Tim’s Goal For His Divorce

Tim’s financial goals were straightforward: protect as much of his property as possible and minimize the alimony payments to his soon-to-beex-wife.

Tim was more than happy to pay whatever child support the judge ordered. And he was not trying to screw over his wife. But he didn’t want this divorce. So why should he pay an alimony amount that forced him to live in an apartment, struggling to make ends meet after working hard every day?

So, Tim came to see us.

Tim’s Divorce Action Plan

It became clear quickly that the battleground would be over alimony.

What Tim’s wife wanted would have cost Tim $528,264 (in today’s dollars!) over the course of 10 years!

Even worse, with the new alimony tax laws Tim would not qualify for a deduction. With Tim bringing in $12,000 a month, this would leave Tim with only $7,000 a month for his own living needs — not to mention for his child support obligation!

So, the plan was to:

  • Fight to make Tim’s wife responsible for earning a reasonable income of her own.
  • Fight to show that Tim’s wife’s individual needs were not that high during the marriage.
  • Fight to stick to a logical analysis of the alimony needed when negotiating. Stick to the process.


Tim’s Tampa divorce attorney stuck to the plan. Three months into the divorce, the parties attended a divorce mediation the case. In the mediation, Tim’s divorce lawyer presented a report showing what Tim’s wife could reasonably earn if she was working. Tim’s divorce lawyer then presented another report showing the budget for Tim’s wife during the marriage.

Tim’s lawyer was aggressive in his settlement negotiations. While the case did not resolve in mediation, the case did get resolved informally between the lawyers for $2,000 a month in alimony for six years.

The total savings on alimony alone for Tim was $392,810 in today’s dollars!

And by proving Tim’s wife should be making a better living, Tim’s child support was set at a reasonable but fair level.

How Do I Know If I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

If you have a contested divorce, that means your spouse is:

  • Filing a lawsuit and “taking you to court” and
  • You don’t have an agreement on one or more of the issues that you need to settle.

It’s a pretty good idea to have a divorce attorney in your corner if you have to go in front of a judge to resolve matters. However, it is not required.

If you have an uncontested divorce, that means you and your spouse agree on everything. Property, debts, the house, and the kids.

You may not need an attorney if you have an uncontested divorce. However, you may want to use an attorney to take care of everything and guide you in front of the judge to get everything resolved.

In all cases, we recommend at least chatting with a divorce attorney to review your case and any settlement agreements.

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What Is The Divorce Process In A Tampa Bay Area Divorce?

Uncontested Divorce: In an uncontested divorce, the process consists of both sides completing financial disclosures and then boiling down everything into a settlement agreement and parenting plan if applicable. Then, an uncontested divorce is filed with the Tampa Bay court. A court hearing is scheduled four to six weeks later. Everything is filed with the court. Testimony is taken in front of the judge, who then signs off on the divorce.

Collaborative Divorce: In a collaborative divorce, the parties and their attorneys get together before negotiating and sign agreements spelling out the rules of the road. One constant rule: no going to court! An accountant and mental health professional are brought on board to guide the ship.

Over the course of the next couple of months, meetings are set. These meetings are opportunities to come to a resolution. At the end of the case, the parties file a collaborative suit and agreement with the judge. Everything goes in front of the judge to be finalized.

Mediated Agreement: In a mediated divorce process,both parties disclose financial information. The parties schedule a mediation or mediation(s) to work on resolving issues in the case. For the mediation, the parties and their divorce lawyers retain a special mediator who is neutral and whose job is simply to help the parties reach an agreement.

Contested Traditional Litigation: In a traditional divorce, a court case is filed right away and the parties work toward a resolution. Then they go to court if needed. The benefit of the traditional model is that if things go crazy either party can ask a judge for help even on a temporary basis. Wife won’t let you see the kids? Husband cutting off your finances? You can go to the judge and ask for help.

A cash settlement.

Our civil justice system does the best it can.

As personal injury lawyers, we can’t take away what happened. It happened.

We can’t make the injury disappear. You have one body and once you’re injured, you’re injured.

But we can get you money to account for what has been taken from you.
A cash settlement from the insurance companies who represent the person or business who violated the safety rules and caused your injuries.

How Can A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me With My Claim?

In Anthony’s case, our lawyers made sure his doctors’ bills got paid. Anthony needed a lot of treatment from doctors. And doctors are not cheap. Our injury lawyers made sure Anthony didn’t lose money through medical bills.

Our attorneys take care of everything with our clients’ insurance claims. Insurance companies make billions. They make so much money by being stingy with paying claims. They often flat-out deny claims as their standard operating procedures.

From start to finish, we keep the insurance company honest by keeping the pressure on them.

If you remember, the other driver would not accept blame for Anthony’s injuries. Our injury lawyers found the video at a local business that made it clear Anthony did nothing wrong.

Most importantly, our injury lawyers settled his claim for more than $100,000. Anthony had all of his medical bills paid, sure. But Anthony was also able to purchase a new vehicle for his family in cash so that there were no monthly payments. And Anthony was able to set aside money to help with his little girl’s future college tuition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Guys In Tampa Bay?

Our main Tampa office is about five minutes north of I-275 and Armenia at 2504 W. Crest Ave. You can find personalized directions at the bottom of this page.

We also have locations in downtown St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Bradenton. Basically, we have a place to meet that is close to you.

Am I Eligible For An Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse have already agreed on all issues in your divorce, then you are eligible for an uncontested divorce and a fixed rate pricing agreement. Divorce issues include alimony, personal property, retirement accounts, the house and other assets, child custody, and child support.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

After a divorce case is filed,there will be at least one court hearing with a judge. Tampa has courthouses downtown and in Plant City. We will be with you!

If your divorce is contested, you will probably have one or more court hearings. If you want certain relief from the judge (for example, temporary custody or support), then we need to go to court for that.

Do You Offer Flat Fee Divorce?

We have fixed fee options available for everything from uncontested to heavily litigated cases. However, divorces can vary widely so you will need to have a divorce lawyer review your case and develop an action plan for getting a fixed fee quote.

How Do Your Divorce Lawyers Communicate With Me?

You’ll get your divorce lawyer and paralegal’s direct phone lines and a link to their calendars to schedule time as needed. We also text and email, of course.

We check in with our clients every week to update them and also to make sure we are all moving in the right direction.

Want to set up an office meeting? Never a problem.

What About Military Divorce?

Paul Knudsen has a niche practice whereby he helps clients from MacDill Air Force Base get divorces. He and Denmon Pearlman founder Christian Denmon have represented service members for more than a decade and have written extensively about it.

What’s This Going To Cost Me?

However, recognize that we know that one of the most important issues in divorce is cost. It does you no good to spend five dollars in a divorce to get five dollars. That’s why we monitor pricing and cost very closely to ensure you get a significant return on your investment.

Plus,remember:we can take care of everything for you, so you can focus on getting better emotionally. Because even a divorce that is long overdue can cause stress.

How Do I Get This Done Cheaply?

The more you can work out with your spouse, the less expensive the divorce. We know how important price is, so we work to make sure the value we provide far exceeds your costs.

Do You Guys “Know” The Judges?

We do 🙂 Our divorce lawyers only do divorce.That means we are always in front of the judges in Hillsborough County (and also in Pinellas and Pasco counties).

Are You Guys Any Good?

Yes. We have four divorce and family attorneys in our Tampa Bay firm who have been recognized as “Top 40 Under 40” trial lawyers. Combined our divorce attorneys have tried over 150 cases.

Our aim is to keep you and your personal business out of courtrooms as much as possible, so we strive to settle cases. However, we do not take lowball or unfair offers just to keep you out of court. Other attorneys in the Tampa Bay area know we aren’t afraid to go to court and have a track record of prevailing in court. Therefore, they are much more willing to cooperate with us by reaching a fair settlement without prolonged courtroom litigation.

You can also see for yourself how happy our clients are, as we have over 170 five-star reviews on our Tampa Bay Google location pages. You won’t find a divorce law firm in Tampa Bay with more five-star reviews.

Do You Handle LBGT Divorce?

We do and have been doing so for years. We are very familiar with the unique issues that LGBT divorce brings.

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