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Local Men’s Divorce Attorneys in Florida

From high asset divorce to higher conflict child custody, we know exactly how to get you through this process and come out ahead on the other side.


100% Risk Free

If at any time during the first 30 days of representation you are not satisfied with the service we are providing and want to hire another lawyer, we will refund 100% of your money.

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Our Client’s Feedback

Our Men’s Divorce Attorneys Understand Your Unique Issues

We have come along way with our court system.  But the old stereotypes of the male as the breadwinner and the Wife as the homemaker still ring true in Courtrooms.

You have worked hard in your career. But that should not be consider a negative that might come at the expense of time with your children.

You want to walk out of your divorce financial secure and with your relationship with your children intact.  And you will.

Our  men’s divorce attorneys are AVVO rated “10/10” and have been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association for their work in the courtroom. We can help.

Our attorneys will sit down with you for a full consultation to discuss your case and determine a game plan. Or if you prefer, our attorneys are available for a quick 15 minutes phone conference to answer specific questions you might have.


It’s about protecting your children and your financial future and about getting through the difficult time and coming out ahead.

We know what it is like. You barely remember how the conversation went, just the awful sensation in the pit of your stomach.

You tried to get to sleep, but that was not happening. Everything is going to be different now. There is no going back. The problem is, you have no idea what is about to happen.

This is bad. All the little things that bothered you all of a sudden seem fairly trivial now that everything is about to change.

This is a disaster. Nothing is happening the way it should.

Your life is all of a sudden going to be entirely outside of your control. When the AC breaks, you call the AC repairman, because he knows more than you do about keeping you cool. You call, he fixes, you’re done. You’re in command and you call the shots.

This is no AC repair. You know that you need to talk to a lawyer for the same reason you need an AC repairman, but this isn’t a hot living room in Florida, this is your life, your family, your house, your savings, your future. And you feel powerless, because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

This is your children. Where they spend the nights. Where they go for Christmas.

This is the 401(k) balance that you secretly checked on your phone every day at work, and nurtured from that hard-earned first deposit so many jobs ago.

This is the conversation you have to have with your parents and friends where you tell them you’re getting divorced.

How do you move forward when the whole system is so complicated?

Why can’t I get any answers?

Lawyers are scary. They seem to make everything too opaque with legal terms and negotiations. Plus, they all seem to know each other – How do you know they’re not just making deals as favors to their friends?

When your brother got divorced, it seemed like the lawyers just ended up talking between themselves and came back with a “take it or leave it” deal that wasn’t much of a deal at all. Is that going to happen here?

Divorce seems like some black box where your whole life goes in one side and a sterile piece of paper comes out the other. Your life is now a just a “case”, your retirement is a “plan”, and your kids are “dependents”.

The lawyers know what goes on inside the box, but they don’t seem very keen on sharing that information with you. It’s like the whole system works by keeping you in the dark, even though you have the most at stake.

How will I survive this?

How are you going to afford this? What is this going to cost?  How long will this go on?

Are you going to have easy access to the court files and correspondence from your spouse’s attorney? Will you have everything available on your phone? Or will documents be mailed to you… and you will have to pay the mailing fees!

There’s a Better Way

Luckily, there is a better way. We realize that this might be the worst experience you ever have had to go through.  That it’s tough to think straight.  that this is no time to try to learn the law on your own.

We also understand that you have two types of needs that need to be met. You need these divorce issues addressed: Your kids are everything, after all. And you need the best financial resolution you can get.

But this is more than a business deal: This is family. This is your emotional well-being. And you need a lawyer you can trust. Who will understand you and your family, and then put you on his or her team’s back and take you through this crap and out to a better place. Someone who will guide you towards learning what you need to understand so that you can help make very important decisions in the near future.

And we can help.

We have a basic framework for how we handle your case for our team, and every lawyer in our group is on the same page.

We leverage the best processes and technologies so that we can deliver the consistent results in the courtroom and negotiating room every time.

But most importantly, we have genuine people that are going to get you through this.  And it all starts with contacting our office and setting a consultation to speak with a lawyer directly.



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