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We have high expectations for the professionals that we work with. And you should have the same expectations for your lawyer. That’s why we are proud to offer a 100% service guarantee to each and every one of our clients.Now, no law firm can guarantee favorable results for the client. That would be unethical. After all, there are factors outside of our control (Judges and Juries for example) that may affect the final resolution.But we can hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and service. We can make sure that your calls and questions will be promptly answered. We can make sure that you are confident with us every step of the way. And we can make sure you are treated with respect and dignity in an otherwise terribly difficult time in your life.

30 Days Guarantee

If at any time during the first 30 days of representation you are not satisfied with the service we are providing and want to hire another lawyer, we will refund 100% of your money. If during any month afterward you become unhappy with our service and want to leave, we will refund that month’s worth of legal service fees, no questions asked. We will honor this guarantee at any time before your case or project is completed.And when you have retained another attorney, we will share your case file digitally with your new attorney so to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Always a Step Ahead

We believe that we have the best approach to how we handle cases. Perhaps more importantly, we are confident in our how we treat you the client, through the course of representation. The means frequent and open communication as well as transparency throughout the process. You will have access electronically to every Court pleading, Judge’s order, and letters from opposing counsel in your case.But we also recognize that our clients need to have a lawyer and a firm that they feel comfortable will lead them through a dark patch in their lives and into a better place. And if it turns that we accepted your case but we were not the right fit, we want you to have the ability to switch gears and find a more suitable lawyer for your needs. We don’t want you to feel “stuck” with us because you paid a fee or retainer in advance of the case. We want to shoulder some of the risk in this process with you.

To contact us, simply call our main line at 800-790-5641. If you are interested in hiring a lawyer, our receptionist will take some basic information from you and either transfer you directly to an attorney or set an office, telephone, or video consultation.

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When you call our office to discuss your case for the first time, a member of our team will ask a few initial questions. Gathering this information right away will help us make sure we’re the right fit for your situation. We’ll also confirm we haven’t spoken with your spouse before in any way that might cause conflict.

During the call, you’ll be able to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers. We will ask for your contact information to confirm with you prior to your appointment.

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“We are proud to offer a 100% service guarantee to each and everyone of our clients.”

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