About Jennifer Kramer

  • Jennifer A. Kramer is admitted to practice law in Florida and Georgia. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida State University, graduating cum laude. Jennifer earned a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Florida, also earning a Master of Law (LL.M.) degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science in England. She earned a merit distinction in international tax law.
  • Jennifer, who now practices exclusively in probate and estate planning matters, previously was a product liability litigation attorney in Atlanta. During her tenure as a senior associate at an international law firm, she advised U.S. and foreign clients on ways to minimize tax effects on cross-border transactions.
  • Jennifer is married to Jason, and they have three children — Payton, Dillon, and Tatum.


  • Earned Masters of Law from the London School of Economics
  • Licensed to practice in Georgia and Florida