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How Anthony Secured A Settlement 20X His Initial Insurance Claim Offer: A Personal Injury
Law Firm Case Study.

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Anthony woke up early, like he always did.

He got himself ready for the day while the rest of the house slept. Then he woke up his little girl. Fed her breakfast, got her ready for the day. Put her shoes on. And dropped her off at school.

Anthony pulled out of his daughter’s school and headed to his job. Like he did every day.
Anthony stopped at a traffic light. While it was still red, he sensed that something was about to happen. He looked up and saw a Ford Explorer racing towards him. It was all he could do to grab the steering wheel and brace himself for the impact.

Anthony instinctively got out of his vehicle and checked on the other driver to make sure he was ok. The other driver had no broken bones but was shaken up. Soon the police arrived and took everyone’s insurance information. Eventually, Anthony was able to get back on his way to work. He called his insurance company on the way to work.

But as the day went on and the adrenaline wore off, Anthony began to feel the impact of the crash. His neck was sore. That night, he needed some pain relievers. But he was tough. It would probably wear off the next day, right?

But the next day the soreness in his back was worse, extending to his neck. Anthony began to consider seeing a chiropractor or perhaps going to an urgent care walk-in clinic.

But the insurance company representatives began to call. First it was Anthony’s insurance company, trying to figure out the property damage. But then the other insurance company called. Soon, it became clear that the other guy was putting some of the blame for the accident on Anthony. His insurance company began talking about “contested liability.” Anthony started to wonder if he was going to get his car paid for and fixed. Would he even get a rental?

The other driver refused to accept the blame. So, his insurance company said they would not pay for Anthony’s car repairs.

Anthony had a car that was broken down. Rental bills were adding up. And Anthony hurt. His bones were not broken. But his neck hurt. And his hands were tingling.

Anthony tried to work through the insurance stuff himself. But the insurance company fought him on his insurance claim every step of the way.

Eventually Anthony asked a friend for the name of a lawyer to handle his personal injury claim. Anthony called Denmon Pearlman.

How Do I Know If I Even Have A Personal Injury Claim?

You have a personal injury claim and need to chat with a lawyer if the following happened.

  • Someone broke a safety rule.
  • You got hurt as a result of the other person breaking the safety rule.
  • That person who hurt you had a duty to use reasonable care so that you did not get hurt.
  • The injuries you suffered have made your life difficult.
  • For example, a safety rule for people driving is to always keep your eyes on the road. Some others are: don’t speed. Keep enough distance between you and the car that is in front of you.

These are basic rules that everyone who drives follows so that other drivers are not in danger.

  • If you are shopping in a Walmart, there are safety rules that require all floors to be kept safe so patrons do not slip and fall and hurt themselves.
  • Bar owners have certain safety rules related to security to protect their customers when other people are drinking and having a good time.
  • Medical doctors have certain safety rules they have to follow to make sure patients are not unreasonably hurt. For example, medical doctors need to perform checks before operating on a patient to make sure they operate in the right spot.
  • The heart of a personal injury claim is this: safety rules should be followed for the protection of other drivers, customers, and patients.

That person who hurt you had a duty to use reasonable care so that you did not get hurt.

Best way to find out if you have a valid personal injury claim. Free Claim Evaluations

Even If I Have Been Hurt By Someone Else, Why Do I Need To Get A Lawyer? What’s In It For Me?

A cash settlement.

Our civil justice system does the best it can.

As personal injury lawyers, we can’t take away what happened. It happened.

We can’t make the injury disappear. You have one body and once you’re injured, you’re injured.

But we can get you money to account for what has been taken from you.
A cash settlement from the insurance companies who represent the person or business who violated the safety rules and caused your injuries.

How Can A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me With My Claim?

In Anthony’s case, our lawyers made sure his doctors’ bills got paid. Anthony needed a lot of treatment from doctors. And doctors are not cheap. Our injury lawyers made sure Anthony didn’t lose money through medical bills.

Our attorneys take care of everything with our clients’ insurance claims. Insurance companies make billions. They make so much money by being stingy with paying claims. They often flat-out deny claims as their standard operating procedures.

From start to finish, we keep the insurance company honest by keeping the pressure on them.

If you remember, the other driver would not accept blame for Anthony’s injuries. Our injury lawyers found the video at a local business that made it clear Anthony did nothing wrong.

Most importantly, our injury lawyers settled his claim for more than $100,000. Anthony had all of his medical bills paid, sure. But Anthony was also able to purchase a new vehicle for his family in cash so that there were no monthly payments. And Anthony was able to set aside money to help with his little girl’s future college tuition.

What Is The Process?

Simply make a phone call to speak to a tampa personal injury attorney or an intake rep about your claim with our firm.

If you hate talking, you can text us too.

When you call, you’ll let our representative know you want a free case evaluation of your personal injury claim. Our receptionist will immediately transfer you to a personal injury claim evaluator.

You will have a choice. Our personal injury lawyers can handle everything over the phone with you.

But if you’d feel more comfortable sitting down in person with a personal injury lawyer, you can make an appointment on the spot to come in to one of our Tampa Bay area offices.

We know sometimes that the nature of your injury claim makes it inconvenient to come in. We are more than happy to come to you to meet and get started. Again, it’s your call.

If you wish to proceed, you simply need to give us permission to get cracking on your claim. This is done by executing a contingency fee agreement.

No money down. Nothing required. You simply give us consent to work on your claim. When we are successful and secure a settlement for you, we take a percentage of the recovery.

We’ll need you to complete a couple of forms, but we’ll set it up so you can complete them from your smartphone.

And that’s it. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we will take care of A-Z after this. We’ll update you on a weekly basis via text or phone, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

You win big, we win big. And if we don’t recover any money? You owe us nothing.

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