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"Our team of personal injury trial lawyers move fast and aggressively. By putting the insurance adjusters on their feet from the beginning we get better financial compensation in quicker times for your personal injury claim ."-Christian Denmon

Injuries sustained in an accident, whether from an auto accident, slip and fall, medical procedure, or workplace injury can result in life altering damage. We take pride representing clients in the Tampa Bay area.

Auto Accidents: If you are injured in an automobile accident and the other driver was at fault you likely have a personal injury claim and should contact a car accident lawyer. Automobile drivers have a responsibility to be cautious while driving in St. Petersburg Florida. If you have been injured in an automobile or bicycle accident consider contacting our law group to discuss your personal injury case.

Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice is when a Doctor, a Nurse, or the Hospital that you or family member trusts acted negligently and injury or death happened as a result. We have experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys to help you personal injury litigation to get you financial compensation.

Wrongful Death: Wrongful death is a type of personal injury case where an individual has died because of another's negligence and an injury lawsuit is filed on behalf of the beneficiaries and family members of the deceased. Our wrongful death attorneys has handled scores of wrongful death cases.

Worker Compensation: Workers Compensation is a class of personal injury where the injury is supposed to be covered by workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies regularly and routinely deny workers compensation cases, requiring our law firm to file lawsuits.

Dog Bite: Dog owners are absolutely liable for their dogs. That means the dog owner is liable for a dog bite that causes injury even when the owner does not have first-hand knowledge of how the injury happened. When dogs attack, the physical injuries received can be terrible. We have three personal injury lawyers who regularly handle St. Pete, Florida dog bite cases

Spinal Cord Injury: Spinal Cord Injury are a special class of personal injury cases that occur in medical malpractice, car accident, and even chiropractic arenas. Our experienced law firm routinely provides representation to those suffering from spinal cord injuries throughout Pinellas County and Tampa Bay because of the negligence of others.

Nursing Home Abuse: The discovery that a loved one may be suffering from nursing home abuse is one that requires prompt action. It is important to take pictures and gather any other necessary evidence that can help to support the claim. Getting medical treatment for the issues immediately is imperative. Consult with one of our St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys to determine your case and to prove negligence by filing a legal claim. Our dedicated attorneys have immense experience and knowledge regarding nursing home abuse. When you hire a lawyer from our St. Petersburg nursing home abuse firm, you can expect your attorney to visit the scene, get the name and contact details for all witnesses, and collect any other pertinent evidence about your case.

Brain Injury: We see Traumatic Brain Injuries result from personal injury cases where there is a significant impact of the head against a hard surface. Specifically, we see this injury in auto accidents with head strikes, slip and falls, and workplace injuries. And it is more common than previously believed, with approximately 1.4 million people suffering traumatic brain injury yearly. A local builds the case from the beginning by referring the client to a Brain Injury Specialist and then evaluates the claim.

If you have been injured you need to seek treatment for your injuries first. If needed, seek emergency care first. St. Petersburg has six hospitals within the city limit with emergency rooms and countless walk-in clinics. You most important job in your case will be to focus on getting better.

After you seek immediate attention contact a Florida personal injury attorney to seek financial compensation and bring a lawsuit. Our law firm offers free consultations with our accident attorneys seven days a week.

We believe that by providing valuable information to the public, we will have more informed clients and better results. Follow the link below to research and value your case. Otherwise, give us a call for your free case evaluation.

Our St. Petersburg Personal Injury Law Firm

By actively building a case from the very first day our client walks into our office, we can increase the final value by 2-3X or more. -Christian Denmon

To build your case and secure the best settlement we:

Gather Evidence: Our job is to tell your story to the insurance company adjuster and lawyer. The best way to tell your story is to have significant evidence gathered to back it up. In a personal injury case that can include pictures, videos, summaries, diagrams, phone and text records, surveillance, black box devices, scene investigations and much more. It's the evidence that helps articulate the pain and suffering you have felt and can lead to bigger settlements and sometimes punitive damages.

Interview Witnesses: Exhaustively interviewing witnesses can lead to statements that can make or break an injury case. Witnesses include not just eyewitnesses (people at the scene), but also treatment providers, your family and friends and anyone who might have first-hand knowledge of your injuries or the accident.

Work with Medical Experts: To prove up damages in your Pinellas, Florida personal injury lawsuit we will work side by side with medical experts. This can include emergency room staff, chiropractors and physical therapists, and surgeons.

Negotiate with the Insurance Companies:Once your case is built and you have complete most of your medical treatment we are ready to negotiate with the insurance claims and adjusters. Evidence from the insurance companies shows that attorneys that negotiate settlements that are 400 percent larger than people who try to do so unrepresented. This does not include punitive damages claims that happen after improper personal injury litigation.

Denmon Pearlman Personal Injury Difference

We are not one of those churn and burn injury law firms where you never speak to a personal injury lawyer and don't get financial compensation. We are true personal injury trial lawyers. We prepare your case from the first moment as if it was going to trial, which actually increases the percentage of cases that we settle without having to file an injury lawsuit. Our accident attorneys move our cases with speed and urgency as we have found that we get much bigger settlements when we do so.

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