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Personal injury attorneys can help you big time when you have outstanding medical bills, lost wages, or property damage.

Denmon Pearlman’s Tampa Personal Injury And Car Accident Attorneys

Lee Pearlman

Lee Pearlman

Lee Pearlman is a car accident attorney and personal injury lawyer who’s been practicing law in Tampa for the last 12 years. He teaches trial work to all the new attorneys at Stetson College in Gulfport. He’s tried hundreds of cases, which is really helpful when he’s talking to insurance adjusters and trying to settle your claim for the best money possible. He lives in Pinellas County with his wife and two boys

Christian Denmon

Christian Denmon is a personal injury attorney who focuses his practice on Uberaccidents, trucking accidents, and slipping accidents. He has been named a Top 40 Under 40 Car Accident Attorney by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Christian Denmon
Nicole Denmon

Nicole Pearlman

Nicole Pearlman is an attorney in our pre-suit claims department. She primarily handles auto wreck claims and tripping accident claims. She been practicing law in Tampa Bay for more than 10 years.,

Paula Mazzini

Paula Mazzini is the head litigation paralegal. She helps when cases are in the lawsuit stage. She’s a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa

But Do I Really Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

  • Studies by the insurance companies themselves show that personal injury attorneys settle claims for an average of 400% more than people who represent themselves. 
  • No wonder the insurance companies try to make injury lawyers out to be scummy! They hurt their bottom line.
  • Hiring an injury lawyer also means you have someone else take care of all the details. Like getting the doctors paid. And making sure your car accident property damage claim gets handled correctly.

Why Choose Denmon Pearlman’s Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys

There are two types of injury attorneys.

The first kind are volume guys. They spend big advertising dollars to bring in alot of cases. And then they have assistants (paralegals) take care of the cases. It’s about getting as many cases churned out as quickly as possible. Not good if you want to get the best possible settlement.

The second kind are about getting the best deal for each client. The “max value” guys. The kind of lawyer whowill fight to get you the best deal — even if it takes alot of time and work.

That’s us.

We routinely settle cases for 800% to 1,200% more than the first offer from the insurance companies.

We’ll file a lawsuit and take your case to court if that’s what we need to do to get the settlement you want and deserve.

And the insurance companies know this!

To see our case studies for our personal injury clients, click  here.

Because this is your life, and you should get the best result.

Can You Help With My Particular Injury Claim?

Just call or text us at 813-554-3232 and we will go through everything for free with you!

We handle all auto collision injury claims, slippingaccidents, tripping accidents, medical malpractice, and some construction accident claims. If we can’t help, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney At Denmon Pearlman?

Nothing. We get paid like most Tampa personal injury attorneys, which is a percentage of the recovery we get. So, you pay nothing upfront.

If for some reason we are unable to recover a settlement for you, we will collect nothing from you. Not even costs we may have incurred.

The amount of the fee depends on if we settle your case before or after filing a lawsuit.

If we settle the case before having to file a lawsuit, then we collect 33.33%.

After filing a lawsuit, the fee is 40%. 

Do I Need To Come To Your Office?

Not at all.

We would love to have you come to our Tampa office but if you’re injured or transportation is difficult, we will come to you. Alternatively, we can get going via phone, text, or even video conference.Whatever makes life easiest for you.

I Don’t Want To File ALawsuit. Do We Have To?

Absolutely not.

The great thing about ourprocess is we always try to resolve your case before filing a lawsuit. We work out the best possible resolution, but then get your express permission to either settle the case or file a lawsuit.

We will give you our advice as to whether a lawsuit should be filed — but you are the boss and make the final call.

Where Is Your Office?

We are located in West Tampa about five minutes north of the I-275 Howard/Armenia exit.

Our address is 3314 W. Crest Ave., Tampa, Florida 33614. 

How Will You Communicate With Me?

Communication between a client and his or her personal injury attorney is so important. The more we know, the better we can help you and the more aggressively we can attack your claim.

We utilize phone, email, and text to keep you updated. We also have a client portal, so you can see your documents and follow along if you like.

Meet Our Attorneys:

Our award-winning trial attorneys have earned a reputation for zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients – both in settlement negotiations and jury trials.

Christian Denmon
Nicole Denmon
Lee Pearlman
Nicole Pearlman
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