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How Manny Turned A Rear-End Accident Into A $25K Settlement To Fund His Growing Business: A Tampa Car Accident Case Study

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Manny was on the way to his dance studio early one morning.

He was driving his car in West Tampa on Hillsborough Avenue, heading to the interstate.

As Manny was driving, another driver T-boned the side of Manny’s car.  

Everyone seemed OK, and Manny was actually able to drive his vehicle to the studio. 

But later that afternoon, it became apparent that something was wrong with Manny’s lower back. 

The pain got worse each day. 

Manny went to the doctor. The doctor told Manny to cut down on teaching lessons while his injuries healed. Manny knew this would negatively affect his business. So, he called the Tampa car accident attorneys at Denmon Pearlman for help. 

You see, Manny was 11 years old when he came to the United States from Cuba. He could not speak English. He had to fight to learn the language and stay up to speed in classes. He watched his father work hard at low-paying jobs to provide for his family.

The experience taught Manny all about the value of hard work. And at the time of the accident, he was working hard on his small business — where he taught people of all ages how to dance. 

Manny had a number of questions for us. We’re sure that you do as well. 

Let’s go through some common answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Was In An Accident, But How Do I Know If I Have A Valid Claim?

You have a personal injury/car accident claim if:

  • You were a driver or passenger in a vehicle or a pedestrian on the road.
  • Another driver violated certain rules of the road for driving safely.
  • You were in an accident or were hit because of someone else’s bad driving.
  • You were injured or otherwise suffered a loss because of the accident.

In Manny’s case, he was driving his vehicle when another person violated the rules of the road and caused the accident. Manny was injured as a result. Manny also lost money because he could not teach as many lessons as he normally could.

Manny had a valid accident claim.

But The Guy Who Caused The Accident Wasn’t Mean. Is This Going To Affect His Life?

The other guy drove badly. But that does not make him a bad person. You don’t want bad things to happen to him. 

Neither do we as car accident lawyers. 

The reality is that 99.9% of the time the claim is against an insurance company, not really a person. 

The first thing our car accident team does is figure out what insurance coverages are “in play.” 

Because a good guy or bad guy, the harsh truth is that most people are “uncollectible.” We need to have insurance coverages or “pockets” to be able to collect on your auto wreck claim.

What About A Rental Car?

Start with your insurance company. If you have rental car coverage, most of the time you’ll want to use yours — even if the other guy was totally at fault. The insurance companies can work it out on the back end.

If you don’t have rental car coverage, we can work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to get you into a rental. However, this process can take a few weeks — and we realize in Florida that every day without a car matters. 

If I Was Not Hurt But I Am Just A Little Sore, What Should I Do?

You may still have an injury claim. At the very least, you need to see a doctor and get checked out. 

Some of the worst car accident injuries start off as minor aches and pains. But over time these injuries can grow into serious disc bulges or herniations that can impinge on nerves — causing excruciating pain. 

And serious pain can infringe on your ability to live your daily life. 

The reality is that the human body is not made to withstand the high impact of a motor vehicle wreck. It simply isn’t. 

And the whipping motion of the neck and back (“whiplash”) that happens during side-swipe, T- bone, and rear end accidents can loosen up the ligaments on the spinal column. These ligaments provide the structural integrity of the spine. Over time, the discs become loose and exposed as a result. 

In other cases, whiplash can cause a bulge (or a herniation) of a disc. 

How Will I Communicate With Your Auto Wreck Lawyers?

However you want! We have pre-lawsuit teams made up of a lead attorney, a lead auto claim paralegal (aka a case manager), and a claims assistant. You’ll have the direct phone numbers and email addresses for all three of these people.

You’ll also have a direct “case file” texting number so you can simply text, “Can I get an update?” Then, the first team member available will help!

Can You Help Me With My Property Damage Claim?

If you need us to! We usually let you handle the property damage settlement claim because it’s pretty straightforward and there is no need for you to pay a lawyer for that. But if you need us, we’ll be there.

We’ll also screen and look for “diminished value claims.” These are claims for the loss of the value of your car even after it has been fully restored to its pre-accident condition. If you have a diminished value claim, we will help you!

OK, So What Do I Do? What’s The Process To Get Started?

Pick up the phone and call 813-554-3232. You’ll be able to speak to one of our car accident attorneys or another staff member right away. Yes, 24/7 — including holidays.

Some people prefer texting over talking; that’s fine, too.

Just tell the person who answers the phone that you need a free evaluation of your car accident case. You will be immediately transferred to an auto accident claim evaluator.

You’re in control here. 

Want to handle everything over the phone? Our motoer vehicle injury lawyers can do that.

Would you feel more comfortable sitting down with an attorney at one of our Tampa Bay area offices? Sure thing. 

We also understand the nature of your injuries may make it difficult to come into one of our offices. We can come to you, or even do a video conference over Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

It’s all up to you.

What happens during your meeting with us? We’ll discuss all the hell you’re going through, your rights, and whether you have a good car accident claim.

We won’t pressure you to proceed, but if you want to go forward all you have to do is give us written permission to do so. We can even set it up so you can complete the forms over your smartphone. (In “legalese,” this is called signing a contingency fee agreement.)

No money upfront. No money unless we win. All you do is sign permission for us to help you and agree that when we secure a settlement for you that we get a modest percentage of it.

That’s it! We’ll take care of everything. You’ll hear from us via text or voice every week — so you won’t ever be left guessing where you stand.

So, when you get paid, we get paid.

And in the unlikely event we can’t get you paid? 

You won’t owe us a dime.

How Does A Car Accident Lawyer Actually Help Me?

First and foremost, we’ll help with all the craziness that happens at the beginning of your claim with the insurance companies. 

Later on, we’ll coordinate with your doctors to make sure any medical bills you have get paid. 

We’ll also help get you reimbursed for lost wages. 

We will make sure we find all of the insurance money that is in play for your claim. 

And most importantly, we’ll work to get you a settlement to compensate you for the crap you have to go through.

In Manny’s case, we found there was $25,000 of insurance coverage available. 

After fighting for a bit with a bad insurance adjuster who only offered $1,500 for Manny’s troubles, we filed a lawsuit and ultimately secured Manny a $25,000 settlement. 

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Will We File A Lawsuit?

Before we file any lawsuit, we will engage in a pre-suit claim process. Florida is great because our lawmakers have set up a system that promotes the settlement of claims before filing a lawsuit. 

Of course, sometimes insurance companies don’t negotiate in a way that we think is fair and a lawsuit becomes necessary. Not to worry, our car accident attorneys are some of the best trial lawyers in Florida and have hundreds of trials under their belts. If we have to file a lawsuit, you’ll be in good hands. 

Types Of Car Accident Cases


Rear End Collisions: The benefit of rear-end car accident cases is that liability is usually pretty clear. Florida law presumes that the driver who rear-ends another driver is the party who caused the accident. Members of the Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department routinely ticket drivers for careless driving when there is a rear end collision.  

Side Impact Collision: Side impact collisions often cause unique injuries to the spinal column and the neck. If you are in a vehicle and you are hit on the side closest to you, the injuries can be much worse. Side impact collision cases often have contested liability, meaning your Tampa auto accident lawyer will aggressively fight from the beginning of your case to prove that the other party is at fault.  

Rollover Accidents: Rollover accidents can lead to head trauma and brain injuries, among other injuries. Much like side-impact collisions, the accident lawyer seeks from the beginning of the case to prove that the other party is liable.

Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions have the greatest chance of traumatic injury or death because two vehicles are traveling at high speeds towards each other. Victims of head-on collisions can often benefit from using the services of an auto accident reconstructionist expert at the beginning of their case.

Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrian accidents often cause extreme injuries. The reason is obvious: a person walking on foot is no match for a two-ton vehicle. Cases with more severe injuries might need expert witnesses to make the insurance company (or a judge or a jury) truly see how the injuries suffered will impact a victim’s future.

Truck Accidents: As part of the Interstate 4 corridor, Tampa’s highway system sees massive truck traffic yearly. With massive truck traffic comes trucking accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycles are no match for cars and trucks. Motorcycle accident cases also have unique insurance and injury issues.

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