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Divorce Lawyers You Can Count On in Tampa, FL

There’s no way around it - divorce is difficult.

It's clear that your most important relationship is now gone. You know you are supposed to grieve. But how, with so much else to worry about?

Your financial situation is now entirely up in the air. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that two households are more expensive than one.

You need to figure out how to come out of this in a strong enough financial position to live the life you want to lead when this all over.

And the kids

There is no question they are the most important thing. And you have to figure out how to strengthen your relationship with them, now more than ever.

But first, you have to figure out the basics. What to do with the bank accounts. Who files first? Who pays what bills first?

We can help.

We have experienced divorce from all angles. If you need a divorce lawyer in Tampa, make sure you choose one with experience.

What to Know Before Your Initial Consultation

You need a Tampa family law attorney that’s in your corner throughout the entire process. We get it. Everyone goes through divorce differently. Some people go for collaborative divorce and ready for the papers to be signed. Others have a more difficult time processing the finality of it all.

Wherever you are in your journey, Denmon Pearlman is here to provide legal representation. Let’s break it down simply. Here’s what you need to know from the get-go:

1) In Tampa, Florida you or your spouse must have lived in the state of Florida for at least six months before you can file for a dissolution of marriage.
2) You or your spouse must reside in Hillsborough County to file in Tampa.
3) You must fit one of two grounds for filing:
a) The marriage is irretrievably broken.
b) Either you or your spouse has been adjudged incapacitated according to the provisions of S. 744.331 for a preceding period of at least three years.

The court where you or your spouse submit your request will assign you a case number. It will have jurisdictional rights to facilitate and grant the following: property and debt division, support, custody, and visitation (if applicable).

In the Tampa Bay Area, the two most common documents you will need to file for a divorce are the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. There are between 10-20 other documents that may be required throughout the rest of the divorce process. Some of the most common documents include the Marital Settlement Agreement, Affidavit of Corroborating Witness, Family Law Financial Affidavit, Answer, Waiver, and Final Disposition Form.

Legal Advice for Families With Children

When it comes to your children, you only want what’s best for them. That’s why, as Tampa divorce lawyers, we try to minimize any emotional discomfort that minors are having during this experience by giving legal advice that's best for current situation.

Even in an uncontested divorce, you need to be mindful of how your child will be impacted.

Regarding Child Custody

When children are involved, your Tampa divorce and family law attorney will do everything in their power to make child custody issues as easy as possible. However, if you and your spouse cannot agree on issues involving your children, the court will be forced to establish custody at its own discretion.

In Hillsborough County, the court in which you filed will maintain the jurisdiction to determine custody even if the child is not present in the state at the time of filing. We all want what’s best for the kids. The court intends to determine all custody declarations with your child’s best interest in mind.

As Tampa divorce attorneys at Denmon Pearlman, we want you to maintain a strong relationship with your child. Our law firm believes it is important that both parents are present in a child’s life unless one parent’s presence is detrimental to the child’s development and/or well-being.

In Florida, both the father and mother are given equal consideration when the court determines primary residence. Your child’s gender and age does not matter. Both parents will be considered equally. Depending on the best interests of your child, you and your ex-spouse may be granted shared parental responsibility.

However, we realize that each family is different. Every situation provides unique needs for the children. Whether the primary responsibility falls on one parent or is shared between both will depend on the court’s judgment. Areas of responsibility may include primary residence, education, medical and dental care, and more.

If you’re worried about relocation in the future, there may be some issues to discuss. According to Florida State Statute Chapter 61.13, the parent with primary residence must present justification for moving to a different city or state if the visitation schedule is impacted. Is the move likely to improve the general quality of life for both the residential parent and their child? Has the other parent been allowed visitation and how often were their rights exercised? Are other visitation arrangements possible and feasible for the other parent? While it is possible, the child’s best interest will be considered the first priority.

Regarding Child Support

When it comes to providing child support, there are legal guidelines that constitute the amount you will be required to pay. This amount is calculated based on the Income Shares Model, which is determined by each parent’s salary, bonus, tips, overtime, etc. Income is verified by examining past W-2s.

If the court decides that child support is needed based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines, you both must come to a reasonable agreement on the amount or else the court will decide for you.

Determining the Right Tampa Divorce Attorney for Your Situation

Now that you know the basics, we want to help you answer questions that are specific to your situation. How can we help?

With extensive experience at the negotiation table and the courtroom, we vow to fight for your rights until the very end.

Our team of Tampa Fl divorce lawyers don’t want to waste your time. That’s why 90 percent of Denmon Pearlman cases never go to trial. We try our best to get everything resolved during the settlement so your experience is as seamless as possible. If you need a recommendation, check out our attorney’s ratings on Avvo, the leading online legal marketplace. We rank 10/10. We believe a divorce settlement path ends in better results. When Court is needed we have three Top 100 trial divorce lawyers in Tampa.

Ready to get this over with?

We have law offices throughout the Tampa Bay area. Give us a call and let's get put this behind you.


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