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Our Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys Know That Trial Lawyers Get Better Settlements

At our firm, we hire only trial lawyers. Every personal injury lawyer in our Tampa office has extensive trial experience. They know how to battle the insurance companies to secure the best settlements on their claims.

You likely have a personal injury claim if:

You are hurt.

Another person or business acted negligently.

The negligence caused your injuries.

We often call a personal injury claim an insurance claim. That’s because drivers and businesses usually have insurance to protect their interests in case they hurt someone else.

But the thing is, big insurance companies never go down easy.

After all, insurance companies are huge billion dollar corporations. And their entire profit margin depends on two things:

Maximizing the cost of the insurance.

Minimizing the amount they pay out on insurance claims.

That means insurance companies will fight day and night to minimize what they pay out on an insurance claim for a personal injury.

Insurance adjusters, the individuals who handle claims, do not get rewarded for paying justifiable claims. They get rewarded when they pay little for claims, regardless of whether that is the right thing to do legally and morally.

We know this. And we also know the best personal injury lawyers are trial lawyers.

Trial lawyers know how to aggressively fight a case in courtrooms.

And that means insurance companies are fearful of trial lawyers.

A big fight in court can increase the costs associated with defending a case for the insurance company. And the more expensive the case, the less amount of money the insurance company keeps at the end of the day.

Therefore, trial lawyers end up getting better deals from insurance companies than regular “mill” personal injury law firms that settle tons of cases out of court.

At our firm, we hire only trial lawyers. Every personal injury lawyer in our Tampa office has extensive trial experience. They know how to battle the insurance companies to secure the best settlements on their claims.


Car Accident
Medical Malpractice
Slip and Fall
Nursing Home
Workers Compensation

Types of Injury Cases We Handle in Tampa

Car Accidents: The term car accident is misleading, as car accidents are the result of one person driving negligently and injuring an innocent driver. Every driver on the road has a duty to drive safely and respect other drivers. When that duty is violated, a car accident settlement claim may be the result.

Slip and Fall Injuries: Slip and fall injuries happen when a business owner or homeowner leaves a dangerous condition on their property, and an innocent person gets hurt as a result.

Medical Malpractice: When doctors, nurses, or hospital staff members violate their duty of care and a patient is harmed, a medical malpractice claim may result. We have represented individuals hurt from the negligence of doctors in almost every Tampa hospital including Tampa General Hospital and Florida Hospital.

Workplace Injury: Being injured on the job can be devastating. When the injury is the result of an employer’s negligence, an injured worker may have a personal injury claim or a workers compensation claim.

Trucking Accidents: Trucking accidents carry specialized issues above and beyond a normal car accident claim. We have represented those injured from truck drivers on the interstates of Tampa, including I-4, I-275, and I-75.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles can be dangerous machines, even when operated properly. The negligence of another driver can lead to injuring a motorcyclist, often with catastrophic results.

Nursing Homes: Nursing homes have abused our elderly for years in Florida. Unfortunately, our lawmakers have been complicit in helping shield the big money behind nursing homes. We fight for those who suffer due to nursing home abuse.

Wrongful Death: When an individual dies because of someone else’s negligence, a wrongful death claim arises. We represent the loved ones of the decedent in Tampa wrongful death cases to seek financial damages for their loss.

Our Settlements and Verdicts

What a Personal Injury Attorney Does to Help Settle Your Accident Claim

Our Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys will:

Photograph and/or videotape the site of your Hillsborough County accident. Talk to witnesses.

Hire accident re constructionists or safety experts to build your case.

Work hand in hand with your doctors or other medical providers.

Negotiate with claims adjusters and insurance companies.

File lawsuits when needed.

Attend depositions and fight the lawsuit, when needed, to secure a fair settlement for your claim.

Areas of Tampa and Hillsborough County That We Serve

The lawyers in our Tampa office cover all of Hillsborough County, from South Tampa to Plant City and everywhere in between.

Our main office is 3314 W. Henderson Blvd., Tampa, FL, 33607. We are just a few blocks south of Kennedy Blvd in the South Tampa area.

However, we understand that our personal injury clients are often unable to come to us. That is why our personal injury attorneys and paralegals travel to all sites in Hillsborough County to meet with our clients.


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