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I have only great things to say about Christian and his team. They were always available and ready to answer my questions. Awesome team of attorneys!


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I am very happy to work with the Denmon Pearlman. They provide excellent service and are always prompt to respond to my calls and emails. They have been very helpful in assisting me to resolve my issues. They clearly explain all my questions. I will highly recommend this professional law firm, that cares about their clients, to all my friends!


Trust me Nicole cares about her clients, it was not easy for me to find the right lawyer and especially considering the fact that I do not live in Florida and live in another state thousands of miles away from Florida. I needed to find the perfect lawyer who will be able to meet my needs and to be understanding of my situation. I must of contacted over 20 different lawyers and after only a few minutes talking to Jamie who is one of the most outstanding paralegals I have ever dealt with, then talking to Nicole I knew right away that I was dealing with a world class law firm. Once again Nicole and Jamie I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.


Russel S.

Thanks to Denmon and Pearlman I have been able to receive great advise in several legal matter including my latest car accident in January 2017. They  have helped me twice already and l know that they have my best interest at heart. They were very honest and professional since day 1 when the consultation took place. If you are in need of legal advise I definitely recommend Denmon and Pearlman.

-Manny Herrera, Owner, Fred Estaire St. Pete, a St. Petersburg, Florida Dance Studio


Finally, a lawyer who renews your faith and dissolves any cynical criticism towards lawyers!!! Christian Denmon genuinely cares. He cared and continues to care about my case and, particularly, ME. A refreshingly genuine trait that is rare amongst today’s legal representation. Christian handled my criminal case in the most admirable and positive ways imaginable.

I retained Attorney Denmon, and he was and continues to be exceptionally helpful at all hours of the day. He is remarkably knowledgeable and experienced in domestic litigation, criminal defense and family law. I can certainly attest to his superior legal expertise and I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Denmon. He represented my case and defended me in my case with superior admiration and honesty, resulting in a stress free, favorable judgment on my behalf. This success is all due to the prudent legal advice of Attorney Denmon.

His wise counsel, hard-working diligence, thoroughness to every detail and wealth of knowledge, having experience with handling similar cases as mine. Christian interweaves such characteristics to formulate a fearless and compassionately well-spoken attorney who focuses on facts, sets aside emotion and produces success in the courtroom. He did not promise more than he could achieve, and more importantly, he delivered far greater than I could have hoped and dreamed.

Christian is truly the greatest lawyer you can have by your side and I will forever be grateful for what he did for me. I sincerely want to thank you Christian and the hard work, diligence, and thoroughness of your office. It is with my great honor to write a favorable and heart-felt testimonial to shed light on your ultimate selflessness and genuine care for your clients. I am very confident in attesting that no one could have obtained the remarkable outcome as you did on my behalf. Bless your office, Christian; I commend you for your superb professionalism and efficiency in all you have done for me. You truly give honor that shines positive light to your profession.


In the most grievous time of my life, when I found myself in a reprehensible situation in the middle of a sham, you demonstrated excellence and competence when you spoke the truth in the court of law. I had a robust defense. Definitely an outstanding trial lawyer. You were very meticulous in handling my cases and performed with utmost expedition to achieve a resolution. Your firm was solicitous and helped me to find solace and hope. I am thank you for your hard work, your dedication and for your vehement representation.


Denmon Pearlman Trial Lawyers consists of an extremely professional group of attorneys and paralegals. My two attorneys, Christian Denmon and Nicole Coppock went above and beyond what any attorneys I have ever dealt with before to obtain and outstanding outcome in my case. My case lasted a lot longer than any of us anticipated, but they worked diligently and consistently toward obtaining everything I needed in my divorce. The professionalism and knowledge of the laws and specifically military divorce laws were outstanding. Their calm demeanor through the mediation process, depositions and especially in the courtroom were impressive to say the least. Being able to sit back and totally trust them and listen to their advice and opinions was such a comfort for me. I knew they were looking out for my best interests throughout!

On a personal side, I have been through alot of medical issues and they were always concerned about my well being. They endured my emotional ups and downs and assured me throughout the time that things were going to be OK. They truly cared about me as a person as well as a client.

The law firm Demon Pearlman is a “Top” rated law firm in my opinion. It is the “Best” in the Tampa Bay and New Port Richey area! I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking any type of legal services.

I can never express my heartfelt gratitude to them enough.

Thank you Chris and Nicole!


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