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Taking the next step:

You’ve decided you’re ready to move forward with your divorce.
  • You have done your research and have a handle on the basics. Now your ready to get into the details.
  • There are many divorce processes to choose from, and each route will impact the procedure and outcome of your case. Now is the time and figure out the right way to do this.
  • And you need to find the right divorce law firm to take you through this. Divorce lawyers who understand your values and goals and can put you on the right divorce process for you.
  • An initial consultation with a divorce attorney on our team will give you the knowledge and the path going forward to get your divorce done right.


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Why Schedule a Divorce Consultation?

The primary benefits of speaking with our legal team now are the control and peace of mind you’ll get, starting with our first conversation. The unknown is what makes your situation overwhelming and stressful. We will help you understand the divorce process and the law. Then, we’ll work together to develop a game plan to help you get through it.

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To get started, we will:

  • 1Learn the specific facts of your case
  • 2Identify emergency issues and/or time-sensitive problems and come up with a plan to resolve them first
  • 3Discuss the law and provide guides and resources for you to take home
  • 4Apply the law to your specific case to show the basic outcomes you can expect
  • 5Run child support calculations and alimony guidelines if applicable to get an idea of what a fair result might be for the client
  • 6Determine which divorce process is the best fit for your case, whether it be collaborative, mediation, lawyer-led negotiation, or straight litigation
  • 7Develop our game plan going forward and determine next actions

With Offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey and Bradenton.

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We know how stressful this moment in your life can be. Our lawyers have the resources and experience to navigate through your divorce as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Feel free to call our office if you’re ready to take the next step. Let’s get started.

In the most grievous time of my life, when I found myself in a reprehensible situation in the middle of a sham, you demonstrated excellence and competence when you spoke the truth in the court of law. I had a robust defense. Definitely an outstanding trial lawyer. You were very meticulous in handling my cases and performed with utmost expedition to achieve a resolution. Your firm was solicitous and helped me to find solace and hope. I am thank you for your hard work, your dedication and for your vehement representation -GIOVANA V

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